Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Russia suprise everyone!

WOW. Today in afternoon training, Grishina did a double double on floor, while Vika did a triple full to back tuck and a double tuck to split leap. They are really filling in their floor weakness! This brings Grishina's floor up to 6.1 and Vika's to a 6.3...26.4 total difficulty! Insane. It doesn't seem that Afan and Musty did full routines, lots of dance throughs and random passes instead. Afan's music sounds interesting, can't wait to see her routine. Who knows, they might start pulling out Dos Santos's passes from the bag. Delighted to hear this, it makes TF even more exciting and close. Amanaring seems to have gone okay too, none from Musty as expected at this point but Komova stood two up..very off direction though, but Paseka's was apparently 'wonderful'.

McKayla has injured her toe on her right foot, NOT her ankle- good news. No real need to panic about her.

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