Friday 13 July 2012

The best floor routine in London

Victoria Moors is a brilliant combination of beautiful dance AND power. Like Sarah Finnegan. Grishina could do with some of this difficulty to pep her beautiful routine up. Anyway, Moors is awesome here! This routine is out of either a 5.9 or a 6.0, which is of course competitive but not enough to clinch a gold probably. If she upgraded her turns that would work out well for her. As is stands she could easily medal with this, especially if Aly gets a lot of form deductions. I DO want Aly to be successful in her own right byt this floor routine deserves to beat her. Go Victoria! Plenty of comments stating she copied the routine from Jordyn, ignoring the fact Victoria has had this routine for years. And ignoring the fact that plenty of gymnasts have more than one floor pass in common- so what? Go Victoria!

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